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Where engineering meets distribution | Yellowstone Extraction's 300LPH FFE - Applied Processing

Yellowstone Falling Film Evaporator | 60kW, 300LPH


Through the use of patent-pending Diffusion Condenser technology, our Falling Film Evaporators have eliminated the need for unnecessarily expensive chiller systems by condensing using airflow. This drastically decreases the energy and water requirements for processing facilities. Yellowstone systems are designed to optimize energy, ensuring they operate at maximum efficiency.


Our Falling Film Evaporator integrates automatic control systems for ease of use and to decrease processing times. The dosing pump and automated draining systems allow for continuous operation with minimal operator input. Our proven evaporation and condensation rates ensures that you will be left with high purity concentrates and solvents, achieved at rapid speeds. 


Measuring at just 4’ x 4’ and 8’ tall, the Yellowstone Extraction Falling Film Evaporator can easily fit in your facility, no matter the scale and size. Factoring in the additional space saved by eliminating chiller requirements, the Yellowstone system frees up valuable square footage. 


The internal workings of the Yellowstone Extraction Falling Film Evaporator are designed to be easily cleaned in-place using an integrated cleaning cycle function. A clean process will optimize efficiency as well as eliminate contamination between batches.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL | Boulder, CO. - 2020

"I have been working in this industry for over 5 years now, and the customer service we received from APS was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When APS came out for installation and training, we were unprepared. APS spent an entire week working with us to get us up and running. Since the installation APS has been very quick to answer phone calls and emails when we have questions.  Before the Yellowstone FFE it would take 1.5 days to recover a 55 gallon drum of solvent. Now we can recover an entire 55 gallon drum in less than 2 hours. We are also able to reproof our solvents to some degree. We are able to take our 30% water solution and reduce down to a 5% water solution in just a few short hours."

- Craig Henderson CEO, Extract Labs


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